About the Company AgroDiagnostica LLC

AgroDiagnostica, LLC was established in 2005. The main goals of the Company are development and improvement of modern systems for diagnosis of infectious diseases of major crops, detection of genetically modified plants and their products in feed and food. Today there is no doubt that application of new technologies based on the latest scientific achievements can significantly increase crop production, minimize harvest loss during storage, and improve crop quality.

AgroDiagnostica, LLC now offers innovative equipment and a wide range of PCR-based kits and reagents for detection and identification of plant pathogens and genetically modified organisms (GMO).

All research and development is conducted by qualified staff, including scientists with PhD and DSc degrees. Successful work and accumulated knowledge in this area has enabled the Company to put into practice the results of research and to create modern test systems for detecting pathogens not only of major crops, but also of plants with less economic significance. All kits are adapted for reliable equipment of Russian and foreign manufacturers. In just a few years of successful work, AgroDiagnostica has among its customers the leading research institutions, quarantine and phytosanitary services, as well as private Russian and foreign companies.

Our scientists have participated in several international research projects (ISTC Project # 3721 «The identification of plant-parasitic nematodes from the National Russian Collection of Nematodes by molecular methods, including the creation of a database of molecular, morphological and other properties, the creation of research group for molecular diagnostic plant parasitic nematodes»; ISTC Project #3978 «Establishment of a Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory in the All-Russian Research Institute of Phytopathology for disease diagnosis and identification of plant pathogens from the State Collection of Phytopathogenic Microorganisms»; Specific targeted research projects of FP6 «Development of new and cost effective methods and tools for diagnosis of pathogens») and collaborate with several well-known international companies working in this area — Agdia (USA), HLB Research and Consultancy in Agriculture (Netherlands), Agrobiogen GmbH (Germany), etc.

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