Tercyc PCR Thermal Cycler

Tercyc PCR Thermal Cycler

Four-channel DNA-amplifier Tercyc is designed for amplification in tubes 0.5 ml. The device is a single module combining 4 independently controlled thermal units.

Advantages of Tercyc:

  • each thermal unit can hold up to 10 test tubes with the volume of the reaction mix ranging from 10 to 50 μL;
  • the device supports three methods of regulating the temperature of a reaction mix:
    • passive (based on the temperature of the unit);
    • two active methods (a mathematical model);
  • the LCD display allows for programs to be entered and for thermocycling to be controlled and operated without the need for a regular PC;
  • the device can work with any IBM compatible PC;
  • low variation of temperature within a thermal unit;
  • noiseless operation;
  • the quality of the reaction is improved significantly due to more accurate conditions for primer annealing, ensuring high activity of the Taq DNA polymerase and reducing the accumulation of non-specific amplification products.

Independent channels make it possible:

  • to perform several assays simultaneously;
  • have several users operating the device at the same time;
  • expedite the optimization of new reaction conditions;
  • treat up to 40 samples using the same program regimen during large-scale tests.

Technical Parameters

Parameter Value
Number of independent thermal units 4 pcs
Number of tubes 0,5 ml in a thermal unit 10 pcs
Operating volume of the reaction mix 10-50 μL
The temperature regulation range 4…..99°C
Precision of temperature maintenance ±0.3°C
Dynamic regulation error ±0.3°C
Non-identity of thermal blocks (maximal) 0.2°C
Cycle duration (92 °C – 1 sec, 72 °C – 1 sec) for 15 μL 64 sec
Number of programs up to 28
Power consumption at 220 V (maximal) W 95
Dimensions (LxWxH) 240×210×80 mm
Weight 4 kg

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